Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Is Salt?

Salt is an ancient commodity. It has been used as a currency, beauty secret, medication and as preservative for food. This tiny white rock proves that there is life in it, so let's talk about it.

Salt as A Culinary Ingredient

Salt is a necessary ingredient for a healthy life. It's importance became very essential in all aspects of cooking that it has become the culinary ingredient present in almost all recipes. A pinch of pure salt will enhance the flavors that are already present in a dish making it a surprising essential that brings succulent and flavorful results to various cuisines. In baking bread, salt works to influence the strength, expansion and texture of dough. In making cheese, salt is also required to cure and develop consistency  in cheese. There is no food that tastes savory without salt. It is the ingredient that provides no-calorie flavor.

Preserving food with salt by Food Grit

Table salt is refined salt and is often iodized. It is a refined fine-grained salt with magnesium carbonate added to make it free-flowing. The use of this salt has essentially eliminated disorders or iodine deficiency in countries where it is used. Table salt can also be produced from rock salt, but it is distinct from unrefined salt, which is allowed to retain its impurities.

Unrefined salt is also used for seasoning foods, and some are even more expensive precisely because of the impurities they contain. 

Salt is inexpensive, yet it keeps bread from going stale, keeps overcooked vegetables from turning gray, and it keeps hotdog meat from falling apart. For chefs, salting is an art and the matter of taste is a masterpiece. When you have cooked in the kitchens of the world’s fine restaurants, or your passion has created you great cuisines, you know how important salt is to food.